Overwhelmed No More. (Self-paced)

6 Ways to Discover and Live God's Vision for Your Life


God desires to meet you where you are and carry you through the chaos of this world.

With the overwhelming reality of what we are facing today, how can we continue to discover God’s vision for our lives? You may even wonder, “Does God have a plan for me?” As well as, “How can I discover and use my gifts to be the change I desire to see in this world?”

How do we go deeper when the chaos competes for our attention?

How do we settle our scattered minds and hold on to the promises of God during this time?

There is hope!

You do not have to feel overwhelmed anymore and you do not have to journey alone.

We have prayerfully created a self-paced, six-week retreat as a way to help you intentionally pause, pray, and embrace a path of abundant hope, peace, and purpose. We are inviting you to journey alongside our community to truly discover and live God's vision for your life - a vision where you are overwhelmed no more!

Throughout the process, Becky’s weekly videos, spiritual tools, and resources will guide you to:

  • Week 1 - Know You Are Not Alone
  • Week 2 - Pray in Daily Life
  • Week 3 - Center Your Life Around God
  • Week 4 - Clarify Your Yeses
  • Week 5 - Choosing Between Goods
  • Week 6 - Walk Boldly in Peace

This unique online retreat, based on the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, provides an individual retreat experience within a virtual community of faith. Together we’ll walk through:

  • Weekly video teachings from Becky
  • Prayer guides, worksheets, and spiritual tools
  • A community welcome wall and weekly go deeper with community conversation
  • Go Deeper Resources

  • Go Deeper Resource Library to continue going deeper in Christ beyond the six-week retreat.

  • Take stock of what’s keeping you busy
  • Learn how to center your life around God
  • Discern and prioritize your greater yes
  • Gain the peace that comes from intentionally and prayerfully bringing your busyness and overwhelming circumstances to God
  • Walk in the boldness that comes from clarity

Your Instructor

Becky Eldredge
Becky Eldredge

Becky is an Ignatian-trained spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and writer. She is the author of the book Busy Lives and Restless Souls and the recently published The Inner Chapel book.

With two decades of ministry experience within the Catholic Church, she invites her community deeper in their walk with Christ, through facilitating retreats and days of reflection, through writing, and spiritual direction. She lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with her husband and three children. Learn more about Becky here.

Retreat Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the retreat start and finish?
As soon as you register, you will receive a welcome email with access to the Getting Started module to prepare you for the retreat. 24 hours later, you will receive the week 1 content, you will then receive a new module every week. Please note that the content will be released according to Universal Time (UTC) rather than your personal time zone.
How do you bring the in-person retreat experience to an online retreat?
This retreat model has many of the traditional aspects of an in-person retreat. Your retreat facilitator, Becky Eldredge, gives reflections and directs your attention to certain materials and scriptures for your personal prayer time. In this online retreat, Becky will do this through video-recorded talks, embedded/downloadable handouts, and guided audio prayer experiences. The most important part of any retreat is time spent with God. During this online retreat, you are invited to set aside some time in your daily life for quiet reflection and prayer. This prayer time can happen according to your schedule. Each week includes a guide for prayer with daily scriptures as well as additional prayer activities.
What is the expected time commitment for this retreat?
Plan to set aside 10-15+ minutes for daily prayer and reflection, 25-30 minutes each week for the video, and 30 minutes each week for the additional prayer activity. This is a self-paced, six-week retreat and can be completed at your convenience. You will still have access to the material and videos after the initial six weeks is completed.
What supplies will I need for this retreat?
Supplies needed for the retreat: - Computer, tablet or smartphone - A prayer place - Bible - Journal - Weekly prayer guide (will be provided) Optional: - Blank paper, markers, colored pencils, etc. (for some of the prayer activities) - Binder/folder to store prayer materials
What if the cost is too much?
Just like all of the retreats that Becky offers, we do not want the financial aspect to keep you from attending. If you want to attend this retreat and your budget does not allow for it at this moment, please email us at [email protected] We will get you a coupon code with an option to pay what you can.

Overwhelmed No More literally changed my life!

I started it because I wanted to do a little something more during Advent. Little did I know that my "little something more" would be God taking me on a journey to deepen my relationship with Him like never before.
I learned ways of talking to God, learning about God, and being with God that I had not previously experienced. I am happy to say that my time with God today, several months later, looks completely different and more meaningful than ever before. I am eternally grateful that the Holy Spirit prompted me to enroll in Overwhelmed No More.

- Jenny Kiehl, Marietta, Georgia

Get started now!

This retreat has helped me allow God to be in control of what I do next,

to be happy where I am, and not try and pre-empt God's plans for me. In other words, to live in the moment.

- Barbara Delafield, Westhoughton, UK